Ph. Nika Kramer

Ph. Nika Kramer


William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" contains one of most poetic deaths in all of literature, that of Ophelia. Ophelia's drowned body, laying in water surrounded by plants and herbs remains one of the most iconic scenes that is both beautiful and loaded with symbology. By using Ophelia's death in a sculptural work, artist PixelPancho hopes to show the way in which mankind has continuously built itself up with complete disregard to nature.

The symbolism comes from not only the beautiful flowers growing out of antiquated human technology, but more so from the glowing algae which is representative of the countless beautiful species that mankind has eradicated since its beginning.

Ph: Irene Massa


museo del chopo - mexico city (MEXICO)

Pixelpancho realized for Museo del Chopo, Mexico City, an imposing installation in which two robots lay on the ground, covered by a blanket of grass. It’s a father with his son. A father who loves his son. They’re tight in a hugh, facing a colorful painting which gives an other vision of the story.